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MN Solar is bringing solar energy to West Central MN and the Twin Cities! 

Check out pricing averages at SolarReviews.com, call our competitors, then call MN Solar and find out why we offer the most competitive pricing with the highest quality installations in MN. We believe in offering our customers the best value for their money!

There has been a lot of activity in the MN solar market with more and more homes going solar? The advent of summer brings new construction and new projects to our homes, many bringing solar into their personal financial portfolio. Did you know that most solar projects produce returns in excess of 8% annually, with many returning 12% or higher? Solar has a place in your long term investment strategy and MN Solar can help you see those returns.

Minnesota has seen a tremendous growth in solar, largely in part because of the favorable incentive programs offered by utilities like Xcel, Dakota Electric, Shakopee Public Utility, and more. Also, there is no property tax increase, no sales tax, and the utilities have to pay you the same rate you pay them. As a result of this growth, the utilities are quickly running out of monies, so now is the right time to get started so that you don’t miss out. At the close of the state legislative session last month a bill was approved that modified the eligibility requirements Solar*Rewards program and increased the amount that larger commercial property owners can claim, making it more likely that this funding for Xcel customers will be claimed up quickly. Additionally, the federal tax credits start to sunset if your project is not installed by the end of next year.

MN Solar is here to help you navigate the constantly changing landscape and, get your project installed in quick order. The single biggest thing you can do right now is get your application into these programs and secure your share of the incentive funding. It can make all the difference in seeing annual returns that exceed 12%. Where can you get annual returns in excess of 12%? The stock market is scary, banks pay less than 2%, and even the best guaranteed annuities are less than 8%. Putting solar on your home will generate returns that will continue for 30+ years. Call MN Solar to learn more and discover what your personal returns will be, all with a no obligation quote. Solar is a smart investment strategy!!

With just a little information, we can determine if your project suitable for solar. Once we have your information, who your utility is, what your average monthly electric bill is, to what your home is capable of supporting, we'll sit down with you and walk you through all the necessary information so you. can make an informed and educated decision. After that, we'll handle everything else, from getting your application in to your utility (if your utility offers an incentive), to securing all the necessary permits, managing the project completely. MN Solar is a turn-key solar provider. 

Financing? We have that! Let us show you how you can put solar on your home with no money out of your pocket, loan payments that match your monthly utility bill, and ZERO impact on your monthly budget. It truly becomes a no brainer when you have all the information.

Funds for local incentive programs like Xcel Energy’s Solar*Rewards are quickly running out, and applications require a free solar site visit to be completed. If you’re curious about how much you can save, don’t delay. Get started by requesting a free quote for your property today!

While others try to be the biggest, MN Solar is always trying to be the best. Call us now to find out how MN Solar can bring Solar to your home or business quickly and professionally. 

What makes us different is our Master Electrician of Record is on EVERY project. Ask any other Solar Installer if their Master Electrician of Record will be on YOUR project from start to finish.

From Bill and Mary Jo G:

"We couldn’t be more pleased from our first contact with Dave and Kim at MN Solar of New London, MN, to the completion of the project. Not only do MN Solar and their crew have the knowledge, integrity and skills, but that their philosophy is that good isn’t good enough. It was amazing to see how well they worked as a team, and that the project was completed as scheduled. MNSolar took care of everything, from getting the permit, to communicating with the electric coop, setting up the final inspection, as well as explaining how to set up the monitoring system so we can view our solar production on a daily basis. We would like to thank everyone that worked on our project and how thorough they were from the beginning to the cleanup..."

MN Solar offers residential and commercial solar installations, car charging stations, Sunpreme frameless modules, and more!  

We use Canadian Solar, SolarWorld, LG, Hanwha Q-Cell, Sunpreme, SolarEdge HD Wave Inverters, IronRidge Racking Systems, LG Chem Battery Systems, and more!

Give us a call for a no obligation quote to learn how you can reduce or eliminate your energy bill. 

 At MN Solar, we limit our service area so our licensed and highly trained solar contractor can focus on the most important part...your complete and total satisfaction. 

We know you have choices so our motto is "Works Great, Lasts Long, Priced Right" It all starts with a simple, no obligation conversation. Never high pressure, always informative!

Making the decision to install solar panels is a big deal and a big financial investment. At MN Solar, we understand that. 

You are already paying for your energy on a monthly basis, so why not swap that utility bill for owning your own solar system. Often, the monthly payment for a solar loan is the same as your current utility bill. The great part about that is when your loan is paid, you own your own utility system for 30-50 years. So why not swap out that monthly payment and start owning your own system today!

We design your system for you to approve. We take care of all the permitting and paperwork. We secure available utility rebates or incentives for you. We handle system installation and coordinate with your local utility to get it connected to the power grid.

Give us a call and start the conversation. We will work with you to find the right solution to meet your needs and financial goals. Investing in solar is a smart long term financial strategy that makes sense. Owning your own system makes rate increases a thing of the past.

How much could you save? Get started by requesting a free no obligation quote.

We have the products, knowledge, and expertise to help ensure you are making the smart economic and environmental choice when installing solar in the MN. Solar panels will supply your home or business with energy for up to 50 years with clean, renewable energy that gives you independence from the electric utility to help protect your family or business from escalating energy costs with a great investment.

Spread the sunshine! Get $250!

Help your friends and family save money and the environment and we'll pay you $250 when they go solar through MN Solar. 

Our Focus is You!

It is our mission to assist your choice in going solar for your home or business a simple and well-educated decision. We will walk you through the entire process, from how solar works , to installation, applying for local solar rebates, and providing post installation support. We can help you go solar or simply answer your solar questions, it all starts with a simple conversation. We use only  licensed, highly skilled, and knowledgable solar contractors that are dedicated to making MN Solar the best!

Solar Cost/solar value

What is the cost of going solar versus doing nothing? 

When considering the cost of solar, it is important to keep in mind a couple of things. It's an investment. Depending on your own personal situation, Federal Tax Credits, any Utility Rebates, and pricing, it is not uncommon to see annual returns on your solar investment of 8% or more. Call us for a free quote and see how solar can be part of your long term financial investment strategy.

Going solar means investing in your future energy independence and a commitment to clean enery. We offer two options, financing with a monthly payment or as an outright purchase. Second, it is a financial investment. And, like any financial investment, you should expect it to deliver a solid ROI (Return on Investment).  

One thing is certain, no matter the way you choose to pay for the system, solar can play a role in your long term financial strategy. . With our financing options, you can choose the term and in many cases, your monthly payment is approximately the same as your current energy bill. So going solar can be financially easy on the budget. Finance 100% of the system so no money out of pocket and, swap your utility payment for your new solar system payment. 

Depending on the length  and interest of your solar loan, you can expect a great return on your investment.  Your solar system will often cost the same as your monthly electric bill if you choose to finance the system with no money out of pocket.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Solar is a very reliable investment in energy. It's also reliable that your electricity rate will continue to rise each year. The Dept. of Energy estimates ulitilies will continue to increase your energy rates between 5 to 8 percent a year for the next 25 years. Even using modest calculations, that means a $100 per month bill today will cost you more than $450 a month in 25 years. Over the life of your solar system, you could save $50,000 or more. Each system is designed to fit your specific needs, and prices can vary.

Benefits of Solar for Your Home
People across the country are finding that solar provides some pretty clear benefits -- whether it is producing clean energy, creating energy independence, or securing long-term savings. If you're just getting started, or have been looking into it for a long time, solar for your home is a very good way to produce power that is reliable, predictable, and measurable.


Everyone likes to save a buck. Putting up solar can save you quite a few of them over the life of the system. Over the past decade, the cost of panels and other equipment have dropped dramatically. Combine that with the increased cost of energy, ranging anywhere from 5 to 15 percent each year, we can be certain that the trend will continue for years to come. Installing a solar electric system is one of the easiest ways to defend your pocketbook against the rising cost of energy.

Reliable Source of Energy
Solar may be the most reliable power source available today. It combines the reliability of the sun's energy with the maintenance-free convenience of a solar system. The panels are warrantied for 25 years, but will last much longer, up to 50 years.  Unlike wind power, there is no moving parts, the system simply works day-in and day-out to produce clean energy. Along with predictability, solar provides one of the few ways to give home owners energy independence. Large electric utilities have a monopoly in the energy market. There are very few ways that the average person can take back control of how they receive their electricity. solar installation

Home Value

Homeowners experience an unexpected benefit to solar installation -- a home value increase. All home improvement projects reflect some sort of value increase, solar is no different. The National Bureau of Economic Research recently released an analysis that found solar panels add between 3 percent and 4 percent to the value of a home. Most homeowners will gain an immediate return on investment when they install a solar system.


Sustainability is at the heart of our energy future. Clean energy provides undeniable economic and environmental benefits, now and into the future. Solar is a zero emission system that provides environmental sustainability by preventing harmful greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere, which also helps prevent the human health risks of some of our traditional fuel sources.

Advantages of Custom Design

  1. Panels All of our solar panel systems are custom designed for a specific customer that allows for maximum energy harvest for the most kilowatt hours a year. Essentially, the system pays for itself. A properly procured system can harness as much as 10% more energy each year than a slap and go system. 
  2. Micro Inverters
    Our favorite when it comes to shaded systems, as they provide maximum individual panel production. Systems that offer minimal to no shading a central inverter is preferred for maximum production, lower cost, and fewer failure points. Contact us today to discuss your steps to a custom designed, low cost, maximum power producing system.


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Solar FAQs

Below are some of the questions we are asked most often. If you have a question that is not listed below, simply hit the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page.

How Solar Works

I hear solar referred to by different names, like Thermal or PV. Is there a difference? What is it?

Solar Electric Systems utilize Photovoltaic (referred to as PV) to convert light into electricity. Solar Thermal systems use the sun’s radiation to create hot water. MN Solar specializes in Solar Electric (PV) design and installation as well as Solar Thermal.

How big is the system?

Systems vary in size, but a common residential array, or series of panels, equates to 4 KW, which is about 288 sq. ft. This is slightly bigger than the footprint of an average U.S. family room.

How much power can I produce on my roof?

As a general rule of thumb, a 4 KW system will produce about 5,200 kilowatt hours per year. For a practical example, one 255-Watt panel can produce the power equivalent to that used to run 84 compact fluorescent light bulbs for 1 hour a day. Shading and orientation of the array will affect production. All systems are unique and each area offers a different daily solar energy availability level.Map of available kWh per day in the USA-->

How do I know I have a good site for a solar electric installation?

A fairly unobstructed view to the south is a good start. MN Solar can conduct a site survey to discover the best system design for your location, and accurately predict energy harvest for the life cycle of your PV system.

What role does panel efficiency play in energy production? 

Efficiency of panels as a selling point is often misleading, because efficiency plays no role in producing more power. Efficiency only reflects the physical size  and price of a module. For example: compare a 200-Watt panel that is 15 percent to a 200-Watt 20% efficient panel both produce 200 watts, but the more efficient module is smaller. If space is not an issue, a less efficient panel array may very well increase your return on investment.

From Solar Rocks Website:

  • Installing a typical 5kW solar system should start at about $18,750. (Call us at MN Solar, we can do a little better than that listed average price). That's cheaper than solar has ever been, but it still might seem like a big investment. Don’t worry, because after tax breaks and energy savings, your first-year costs will be considerably less than that.
  • The Feds calculate their incentive based on actual out of pocket costs, so take 30% of $20,000, for a tax credit of $5,625.
  • After the tax credit we subtract your first year’s energy savings, which we estimate to be $749. That reduces your cost after the first year to only $12,376.
  • But wait, there's more! On top of the electric bill savings, Xcel will pay you $.08/kWh! Your system will produce 5,850 kWh per year, so you'll end up with $499 more from Xcel, bringing your costs down to $11,877. And those extra payments keep going for 10 long years!
  • Your system will pay for itself with electric bill savings in 11 years, and you'll see a total net profit of $16,167 in our 25-year estimate period. The internal rate of return for this investment is a solid 8.8%. Better and more sure than the stock market!
  • And don't forget... your home's value just increased by more than $18,000, too (your expected annual electricity savings over 20 years).
  • In addition to all that cash (and home value), you’ve created some green for the earth as well by not using electricity from fossil fuels. It's like planting 104 trees a year, every year your solar power system is humming.

Installation/ Design

How does the array get attached to the roof?

The system is attached to the roof with industry-approved fasteners for the specific roof type. Each penetration by  installers is designed with a minimum of 2 fail-safe measures, eliminating leaks. All parts of a Solar Electric and Thermal system are UL listed and meet rigorous standards.

How much does a typical system weigh?
A typical system will weigh approximately 4 to 5 pounds per square foot. 

Does a solar installation require maintenance?

No! Solar, unlike wind energy, requires very little maintenance.  This is because it has no moving parts to break down from normal wear and tear. For optimum performance, some people clear their system of snow and leaves annually or as needed.

Do I need batteries?

No. While energy storage or self-sufficiency is possible, most systems don’t use batteries. Rather they are tied into the power grid. When the PV system is not producing electricity the grid will provide an uninterrupted power supply to your home or business.

Financial Benefits

What is the payback on a solar PV system? 

A typical system payback is between 3 to 10 years. Many of our customers are seeing system paybacks less than 5 years. With our current financing program, in most cases, the systems are costing less per month than they would have been paying the utility company.

How much does solar panels cost? 

System size does matter, residential systems typically run around $3-$4 per installed watt.

What is the latest on Solar Tax Credits and Rebates? 

Beyond the 30 percent Federal tax credit, rebates and incentives vary by state. MN Solar can help you maximize these opportunities by filing the appropriate applications and forms. You can also find a wealth of information at dsire.org.

What is the warranty?

The production warranty on panels is 25 years, ten years on string inverters, and ten years on labor.

Does it affect my insurance rates? 

Upon installation of the system, the owner should contact their insurance and there may be a small increase in their annual insurance premiums.

Does it affect my property tax? 

In Minnesota, your property taxes can not be increased. A newly-installed solar power system is 100% exempt from associated property taxes. When a solar power system is installed, your home value rises significantly – twenty times estimated annual electricity savings. With the Minnesota property tax exemption in place, you’ll never pay any taxes on that home value jump.

How much does solar increase my homes value? 

A recent multi market study conducted by Berkley Lab and SunShot indicates a minimum of $3 per Watt increase in your homes value. So if you installed a 5kW system your home is now worth $15,000 more.Short Solar Home Value Increase Study-->Complete Solar Home Value Increase Study-->

Weather Questions

Does Hail damage solar panels?

Solar panels are rated to withstand a direct hit of 1-inch hail at 55 mph. It is very rare for hail to damage panels. Panel replacement would be covered under most insurance policies.

Do we have enough sun in our state for a solar electric system? 

Yes. Germany is a world leader in Solar Electric installations and less sun than Seattle.

Does it work when it’s cloudy? 

Yes. In almost all conditions during the daylight the systems produce electricity. However under heavy clouds, rain, & snow the harvesting ability or the array is limited.

Financing your solar project

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